Who is Mark Rostron

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I’m Mark Rostron and I’ve been that busy bloke who failed to prioritise my physical and mental wellbeing. It’s not a good place to be long term.

Thankfully, I found a way to pull myself back up.  These days I work with busy men who know they need to make positive life changes but don’t know where to start or how to find the time.

I created the FIT 9.0 programme, a completely online system to make it easier to access personal training, accountability, nutrition support, education and more, wherever you are and whatever your schedule looks like.

Why Do I Think I’m The Right Person to Help?

I’ve been where my clients are now so understand their needs.


Mental and Physical Health are Equally Important: Trust Me

I’ve experienced poor mental health over the last several years. This is not uncommon and is something we all need to talk about more. Adopting positive changes in my lifestyle and prioritising my physical wellbeing has got me when I am today.

Having worked in the corporate world I understand how stress can affect you and the impact it can have on your physical health too. I worked with SME’S covering the North West of England travelling 100-200 miles a day visiting clients. This was a hugely competitive, target-driven role. Managing client expectations was a full-time job in itself and over time my wellbeing was being eroded away.

Unable to find a way off the fast-spinning hamster wheel, unsurprisingly I hit rock bottom.

Something had to change.

I’m a Qualified, Experienced and Enthusiastic Personal Trainer…

I'm Mark Rostron, a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic personal trainer and online coach who enjoys helping others find a successful pathway to physical and mental wellbeing. As the creator of FIT 9.0 I work with individuals online. Together we create personal and bespoke programmes that build and facilitate a balanced approach to wellness, lifestyle & long term health.

I'm based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire but thanks to the wonders of modern technology am fortunate to be able to work with clients all over the world. I have a special interest in overall wellness. Together we cover areas from:

  • Weight & Fat loss

  • Improving fitness

  • Improving performance

  • How to change your body shape and tone.


It is important that clients are happy with their self-image; how they look and also how they feel. Positive self image benefit you in may areas of your life including your confidence, productivity, family and relationships and more.

This is also something we monitor throughout the process. FIT 9.0 graduates have said that they have found this to be a great motivator.

How Can I Help You

During Covid, I created FIT 9.0, a 90-day online coaching program tailored towards men over the age of 35 years. My aim was to show overloaded but motivated individuals that with a few tweaks, a little adjustment and consistency they too can put themselves first, filling their own cup so that everyone in their lives benefits from a healthier, fitter, happier more energised self.

Years of personal experience in offering personal training and my own journey has given me an acute awareness of what happens when you don't take care of yourself. Personally and professionally I am uniquely positioned to help you reach your goals. I'm qualified because I've been there, and I get it.

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