About Me

At the age of 20, I started going to the gym and I was hooked. Exercise gave me control over my health and fitness and empowered me in all other areas of my life. 

I consider myself very lucky as I put a pair of trainers on every day and support clients get the results they want.

I help people transform their bodies and their health through a consistent, balanced approach to health, fitness and well-being. 

Based in Harrogate and with a special interest in fat loss and weight training, I work with individuals and small groups and create personal and bespoke training both face to face and online that will achieve results.

My Ethos

Achieving your fitness goals and the body you’ve always wanted comes from getting the balance right; combining physical exercise with healthy, sustainable habits when it comes to how you fuel your body.

I use easy to access smart phone apps to help you track your progress and support you daily. I am 100% committed to ensuring you achieve your goals and help you master the skills and mindset of training and nutrition to last you a lifetime.


Making the choice to be healthier, fitter and stronger is an important decision and the results will not happen overnight. Instead, real change and long-lasting results take will strength, determination and perseverance. None of us are infallible and all of us have our weaknesses and this is where a personal trainer comes in:

I'll be your biggest supporter and your coach. I will be the first to celebrate your successes, but also the first to stretch you and push you towards your goals. We're in this together, your goals are my goals and we will achieve them as a team.

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