60-minute consultation to understand your goals & aspirations. Why making this investment to your health & wellbeing is important to you and how I can help.

Coaching Plan

Bespoke & personalised fitness plan to provide consistency and a clear structure to improve your health, fitness and your overall wellbeing.

Weekly Check-in Call

Weekly checkins to set a 7 day plan to the week ahead, create structure, raise motivation & divert any obstacles to keep your striving forward. 

Fitness App

Fitness app to track workouts, daily activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep & mindfulness. Measuring results each week to learn how to keep striving towards your goals, no matter what life throws in your way

Habit Builder

Habit builder to reach one small change at a time that creates big changes long term.It’s the things you do on daily basis that add up over time to healthy habits in your health & wellbeing 

Balanced Lifestyle

Build a balanced approach in wellness, lifestyle & long term health. Real change and long-lasting results come with finding what works for you and your lifestyle.

Track progression

As a part of your personal training journey, you will be able to connect with Mark like never before. You will have access to Trainerize to track your goals and progress along the way. You will have features such as; online workouts, on-demand classes, in-app messaging, progress tracking, group training and more! 



4 Week Course

If you are struggling to get back into a healthy lifestyle this is the course for you.This is a 4 week programme, designed to get you back up to speed and on the right track, including up 8 Personal Training sessions and biweekly

check-in calls


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12 Week Course

Become a regular with Mark, receive up to 24 sessions, 12 weekly check-in calls over 12 weeks. Never lose track of your end goal, develop the habits that see long-term sustainable results. This course is life-changing.


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