FIT 9.0

FIT 9.0


A 90 day program that provides personal accountability, clear structure and consistency. Designed for people wanting to improve fitness, lose weight and stop the never ending cycle of yo yo dieting. Develop the habits that will see long term success!! 




Over the next 90 days we will focus on creating those new habits and a structure into your current lifestyle and routines. This means you can get in shape, lose weight and not feel like you’re restricting yourself, while enjoying the journey to a healthier, stronger, fitter YOU.


A 4 week bespoke training programme that gives you a structured plan so that you see progression and results each week at all levels of fitness.


Full access to my private academy group which allows you DIRECT contact with me for coaching so that I can support you with any questions during the weeks ahead


Seven day goal setting coaching call with me each week to raise your motivation and get ahead for the week


A motivated, impactful and private academy group live Q & A where you get coaching, support, mentoring with me to make sure you’re on track and we keep striving towards your goals


I’ll guide you towards understanding nutrition, while working with a calorie target that is personalised to your own goals that can be effective and easy to follow and stops frustration when it come to “diets”


30 recipes to work from to inspire you to make meals easily, while giving you the full breakdown of macros, calories  and enable you to make changes gradually 


Be with like minded people in a community that keeps you inspired, while striving to be your best and keep you consistently moving forward




Induction (Day 1)

This is where you can get familiar with all the tools that will help you achieve success. You will get access to your own personalised app throughout the duration of FIT 3.0 that keeps all your workouts, daily activity, calorie targets and much more.


Week 1-3 

Schedule and start your workout programme with supporting videos for each workout and calorie goals and a place where we can track your progress together. 


WEEK 4-6

Together we’ll adapt towards the progress you’ve made and create changes to keep you ON TRACK and keep maximising your results


WEEK 7-9

Half way point, this could be the week that you lose the drive and focus. I WILL MAKE SURE this doesn’t happen, by helping you keep motivated by having a private one 2 one Zoom call and support you to overcome obstacles and keep you moving forward!


WEEK 10-12

Final week, this is where we look back at what we’ve achieved together and fly through the final week with NEW habits you’ve created to end the programme with fantastic results!!


We are in this programme together, every step of the way


This ISN'T a 90 day quick fix programme.


It will help you stop being frustrated, inconsistent and you'll learn new skills in fitness training, nutrition and create new lifestyle habits. In 30 days you'll develop skills that will provide long term sustainable results that work for your lifestyle.


A fantastic investment for just  £397