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I don't see the point in online coaching programmes that offer a quick fix or are unsustainable long term. These FIT 9.0 online coaching graduates had to be willing to re-learn what they thought they knew about nutrition and exercise. One of the hardest lessons was realising that they could take their foot off the pedal and still get results.  They worked hard. What they've come away with is the knowledge and motivation to enjoy a physically and mentally healthier life moving forward.


Thanks to these FIT 9.0 graduates who have allowed me to share their journey. More than a few approached the programme with a little hesitation, having been failed by one-size-fits-all programmes in the past. They all finished their 90 days with a whole new outlook and the tools needed to continue prioritising their fitness moving forward, despite already having very busy, very full lives.


This is what they have to say about their personal experiences with the programme.

15 Week Results:
Weight Loss  20lbs
Body Shape Reduction -17.3cm

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. I was sceptical about the online aspect but the technology had come so far with the online training and diet apps so easy to follow and it was easier to build momentum than I thought. Mark helped design a programme to strengthen my lower back and then build on from there, personal to me and focused on building strength to help me mountain bike and paddle board.

I've got so much from this experience. I've learned so much about food and how it fuels the body. Over the 15 weeks, I've found a good routine with making healthy meals & exercise which took a few weeks to get there but got in to a good habit.

Mark was a great help throughout, great insight & advice and varied workout routines through his personalised mobile app. I was able to keep track myself quickly and easily and have a structured routine to follow.

Really pleased with the results and I've developed the habits (especially food plans and my understanding and role food plays) to keep it going and still have a few beers and food’s  I really enjoy....sorry Mark ;)

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-22 at 13.05.43.jp
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-22 at 13.05.43.jp

It was coming close to Christmas and I was entering middle age in a poor condition and needed to act to lose weight, bring back some body tone and shape. But most importantly get fitter.

My usual approach would be to crash diet and lose weight but not tone up or become healthier!

In 10 weeks working with Mark, I’ve lost 11lbs (5kgs) in weight, my body fat has reduced by 2.3% and I’ve seen a total of -12cm in my body measurements!

Mark was/is a very approachable and down to earth person who made the first step very easy.  As a result my commitment levels and engagement have been very high, which in turn has resulted in dramatic results in the last few months.  Good weight loss, improved body shape and tone and significantly fitter.

The only down side to working with Mark is the fact that I’m having to spend a fortune on new clothes! But a very welcome downside!

Mark’s motivation and nutrition guides/advice are also amazingly helpful in keeping the input at the right level so that you maximize the output.  His check in and status photo are a massive motivator and reward when you see how far you’ve come, if not a little uncomfortable to start with!

Each session I’ve had with Mark has been brilliant, he balances engagement, techniques and motivation brilliantly so that you are pushed really hard without knowing. The result speak for themselves and I now feel like our relationship in really good! It’s like being back playing rugby, hard work and banter!


I’ve enjoyed pushing myself to achieve things I never thought were possible. Since starting personal training, I have lost just over a stone in weight, and have also felt more energetic, I have seen an increase in strength in both my upper and lower body, something which has helped immensely in my job.

The ease of working with Mark is easy as he makes everything really clear and understandable, and also pushes me to achieve things in my workout which I initially don’t think are possible, but when he says I can do it, and I achieve it, it feels amazing!

12 Week Results:
Weight Loss  12lbs
Body Shape Reduction -23.3cm

I would gain a few pounds every winter and I was not losing it during the summer months. Over time this started to really add up and I was at a loss as to what to do to reverse this trend

Being climbing instructor in America I need to maintain a high-level of fitness in my career, along with juggling the needs of my clients, I’m also a wife and mom.

When I was younger it was easy keeping the weight off and staying fit, running marathons, triathlons, cycling. As I’ve gotten older it has been more difficult

I loved the workouts through Mark’s fitness app. I admit I am competitive by nature. So, the workout schedule mark provided really got me jazzed. The more I saw results the more I wanted to keep going.

I’ve learned to be kinder to myself. Weight comes & goes. Even though I’ve seen amazing results in weight loss. I’m stronger, feel great, sleep better and experience far less stress in my day to day routine. I’ve learned to eat smarter, necessarily less just healthier. I’ve gained 6 pack Abs, something I NEVER thought possible!

Mark is talented at listening to his clients and sculping the best plan to meet each person’s needs. I loved his approach through FIT 9.0 program. Focusing on mind, body and wellness.


20 Weeks: Results:
Weight Loss  13.6lbs
Body Shape Reduction 31.04cm

I wanted to become strong and healthy. I have never been one to work out, along with recovering from a surgery, a long winter, then the shut downs and feeling completely lacking direction ( I was in a real funk) It was not sustainable, never has been

I’d tried various programs that provided “weight loss” portion results but it was only by restriction in the past and short lived, gave me no energy and put me in such a mood. I also got gym memberships in the past but lasted a week at most”

I love getting up early before work, I love fitness, I love the quick recipes you provide, I love the improvements in my strength, shape and the 20lbs I’ve lost and kept it off too!!

I went from barely being able to complete a sit up and use resistance bands, now I’m lifting dumbbells with ease, have my own work out bench that I use  3 or 4 times a week in my home gym!!

Not having the motivation to walk with no energy at all, to walking / jog for 30+ mins a day now (and I actually love it).

I have found a  healthy way out of a lot of blocks I put up. I look and feel amazing! I’m not even at my goal just yet but I feel strong and more confident.

Investing into your coaching program FIT 9.0 truly changed my life! And helped me discover a whole new me!

Jane Barrett

Working with Mark has made such a huge difference for me, not just in my body but in every day life. I love the way that I look now, I feel confident in myself, much fitter and most importantly I’m happy! Mark is so easy to get on with and he makes the sessions fun! I can’t recommend him enough!

Deborah Wild.jpeg

Mark has helped me beyond words. I have tried many things in the past and it has never worked. I have managed to stay focused and determined for nearly 18 months now with Mark Rostron as my PT and this is unheard of for me. I now have a new way of life and know the changes I have made with Mark’s help are not just long term but are just what I do now. I can’t thank Mark enough.

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